Our Singular Mission is to Make College More Affordable

In the last five years, the percent of college costs paid from income or savings has grown by 20%, and the percent of costs covered by scholarships and grants has dropped.

We help families navigate college costs and pursue opportunities to maximize grants and scholarships.


Source: Sallie Mae Report 2022

College Affordable’s Customizable Program Includes Education and Personal Assistance Supported With Online Collaboration Tools

Phone consult with financial planning and aid professionals.

Email support for ad-hoc questions.

Timely 8-part live webinar series through the year with recordings available and other engaging content.

Preliminary financial aid eligibility and budget assessment.

Help with financial aid forms (FAFSA, CSS Profile) to ensure accuracy and inclusion in aid consideration process.

Financial aid expertise for Guidance Counselors and Non-profits including training sessions.

Financial literacy session for students.

Third-party scholarship workshop to identify scholarships from local affiliates.

Turn-key program for accessing special scholarships from colleges.